Two weeks ago, a 22-year-old college student in northern England named Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was out late. And she was about to head home when she realized she'd lost her debit card and didn't have any money.

Which is when a homeless guy named Robbie overheard her and offered her his last five dollars for a cab, so she wouldn't have to walk home alone at night.

Dominique says she wouldn't accept it, and got home okay. But she was so touched by the offer, she started asking around town the next day trying to find him. And in the process, she found out Robbie has done nice things for other people, too.

He's returned lost wallets with all the money still inside, and he's even been known to offer people his scarf on cold days.

So, Dominique decided to help Robbie out, and started a fundraising page online to raise a few thousand dollars to get him an apartment. She was asking people to donate five bucks, the same amount Robbie offered to give her.

And in the past week, over 4,000 people donated more than $45,000 to help him out. The best part? He won't accept it. He's taking enough to get back on his feet, but wants the rest to go to charity to help other homeless people.