Police are investigating after a 34-year-old woman was shot and killed in Wyoming Friday Afternoon.

The shooting occurred around 12:30p.m. Nov. 27 in the 900 block of Burton St. SW, near Clyde Park Ave. Emergency dispatchers received reports of gunshots and a person laying facedown on the sidewalk.

According to a release from the Wyoming Department of Public Safety, the woman had been walking along the sidewalk when she was shot by a masked gunman. She was transported to a hospital and pronounced deceased.

The suspect fled on foot and is described as as a male between 5-foot-10 and 6-foot-2, wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, and a blue face mask.

Resident Darius Sandusky tells WOOD-TV 8,

“I come out here and there’s somebody lying face down. It’s more shocking than anything. This neighborhood used to be so nice, quiet. Now, it’s just like in broad daylight somebody’s getting shot the day after Thanksgiving.”

He says he was also disturbed to see some people stopping to take pictures on their phones,

“You’re recording somebody face down, dying, all for some clicks on YouTube or on their social media platforms? It’s a little ridiculous right there.”

Anyone with information on the homicide is asked to contact the Wyoming Department of Public Safety at 616.530.7366 or Silent Observer at 616.774.2345.

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