Kaitlin Marie Armstrong has been placed on the U.S. Marshal's Wanted List after the fatal shooting of the top female cyclist in the country.

A Love Triangle Ended Badly In Austin

It was an event that rocked the pro Mountain Biking community. The murder of one of the top racers, with another top racer involved.

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, is the lead suspect in the shooting death of Anna Moriah 'Mo' Wilson on May 11. Wilson, 25, of Vermont was in Austin for a gravel race on May 14. She was found shot to death in the home of a friend she was staying in when she failed to show for practice.

Wilson and Armstrong had dated the same man, Colin Strickland, 34, of Austin. After learning that Wilson had gone swimming with Strickland on the afternoon of May 11, a friend said she began shaking and ran off. The friend notified police.

Surveillance video showed Armstrong's car, a 2012 Jeep Cherokee, driving by the house Wilson was staying, and later ballistics tests showed a handgun in Armstrong's possession was used in the murder.

Armstrong Has Been On The Lam Since May 12

Armstrong was questioned by Austin police the day after the shooting, but after learning the police arrest warrant was not valid, ended the interview, left, and hasn't been seen since.

The U.S Marshals Office in Texas put Armstrong on their Wanted List yesterday, May 23, and while they do not view her as dangerous, if you know of her whereabouts, you should notify law enforcement before approaching her.

Anyone with information on Armstrong’s whereabouts is urged to contact the U.S. Marshals Service Communications Center at 1-800-336-0102 or submit a tip using the USMS Tips app.

Tips may also be sent to the Capital Area Crime Stoppers at 1-800-893-8477.

Armstrong Is From Michigan And Could Be In The Area

Kaitlin is from Livonia and graduated from Stevenson High School. Relatives of hers still live in the suburban Detroit metro, although I would think that would be the first place authorities will be looking for her. Family members have said they believe she is innocent of the crime.

Armstrong has deleted all of her social media accounts, but what appears to be her LinkedIn account is still active. Her page says she graduated, and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration, from Eastern Michigan University, and worked in finance at Quicken Loans in Detroit from 2007-2010 and 5th/3rd Bank in Royal Oak from 2010-2013, before moving to Austin.


High School Friend Talked On Podcast

A former classmate identified as 'Tom G' talked to the Drew and Mike podcast on Tuesday. Tom admitted that Kaitlin 'ghosted' him when he asked her out while in college. He added that she could use her good looks to seek aid from a love struck man.

He also admitted some former classmates are stunned that she would have done this. "No. Never. The biggest thing, I never seen (her) be violent...shooting another person...it's insane," Tom told the hosts when asked if he could imagine her committing such a crime.

Mo Wilson Was One Of The Top Female Cyclists In The Nation

At the time of her death, Wilson had climbed into the upper echelon of Mountain and Gravel Biking in the nation. She was considered one of the favorites in the Gravel Loco Bike Race that weekend in nearby Hico.

Strickland also was a top gravel racer amongst men, and Armstrong was for a competitive cyclist, but had recently become more of a supporter and business manager for Strickland's team.

Strickland claimed that his relationship with Wilson had come during a break in his relationship with Armstrong. However, when confronted, Strickland lied to Armstrong about seeing Wilson the afternoon of the incident.

And since Armstrong is already a big name in cycling (as in disgraced former Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong), I will add that the two are NOT related.

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