Recently a Kalamazoo Michigan woman drover herself and two children into the Kalamazoo River killing herself and the twin daughters but not before tying to poison them first.

According to WZZM, the Kalamazoo police say that new information showed the 44-year-old Ineza McClinton had tried to get both of the twins, Angel and Faith, to drink some juice spiked with antifreeze back in the spring. The twins' grandmother had told police about her daughter's plan to poison the girls and her attempt at overdosing on pills.

The police had no prior knowledge of the attempted poisoning and suicide attempt until the interviewed McClinton's family members. It was family members who stopped McClinton the first time but did not report the incident.

Tragically McClinton followed through with a second attempt June 17 when she drove herself and daughters into the Kalamazoo River. Before driving into the river, she let out two granddaughters. Family members say McClinton had been speaking professionals regarding depression and was on medication for mental illnesses.

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