Michigan already has the highest car insurance rates in the country, and it's even worse for women according to a new study.

The Zebra, a car insurance company, analyzed 61 million car insurance rates across the U.S. in 2016 (May-June) and 2018 (Sep.-Dec.). Researchers used the same exact profile for a driver and then compared the differences between men and women.

Overall, it was found that even though men are riskier drivers, women pay more for car insurance in 25 states; and on a national average pay about $10 more. Michigan is one of the states where women are getting screwed (and not in a good way).

In the most recent study, women drivers in the mitten state are paying $79 more than men for the same exact coverage. The only other state where women are paying more is Nevada at $121. The chart below shows the results, state by state.

The Zebra
The Zebra

Between 2016 and 2018 it was found that the price difference for car insurance between both genders is significantly increasing for females, across the U.S. What's interesting is that in 2016 men were paying about $1 more on a national average. The reasoning in the change is unknown especially because research shows that women are safer drivers.

Only 6 states have banned gender-based pricing when it comes to insurance, with California being the most recent in January of this year.

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