There are so many reasons to love Halloween. It happens in the fall aka the best season in Michigan. It's also the best time of the year to enjoy all your favorite candy while you watch scary movies. And it's also the best time of the year to see people transform their homes into scary works of art.

Below are some incredible setups that looked so real, people actually called 911.

Back in 2017 the Greene County TN Sheriff's Department was overrun with calls about people thinking someone was stuck under a garage. Instead, it was just a headless dummy with fake blood on the garage door

This might be one of the most real-life things I've ever seen! A family had a fire set up so real that the Fire Department in Ri had to be called out multiple times.

This man in Dallas had the police called to his house multiple times because of all the blood on the sidewalk. I don't blame the people for being worried and dialing 911. I also want to know how did he get into the front door? That thing is covered in fake blood

Back in 2015 The Detroit Police were called multiple times with the report of a dead body in the front yard of a house. Turns out it was just a dummy Halloween decoration. The homeowner gets such a kick out of people's reactions that she moves it to a different spot every day.

A family in North Dakota made people call 911 like crazy back in 2018 after they put up a bloody help me sign on their window

Here are even more Halloween set up's that made people call 911 from USA Today

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