America's favorite macaroni and cheese brand, Kraft, is trying to make itself a part of your balanced breakfast.

That's right, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese debuted a commercial on its Twitter account for its brand new "macaroni & cheese breakfast" box.  What's the difference between their breakfast mac & cheese and their other mac & cheese?  Literally nothing other than the word "breakfast" printed on the box.

In my opinion, this is complete and utter breakfast blaspheme and no one should ever have macaroni & cheese for breakfast.  But, putting my opinions aside, Kraft is doing something pretty great by donating boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese to Feed the Children each time the #KMCforBreakfast hashtag is used.

Let us know what you think about making Kraft Macaroni & Cheese a part of your balanced breakfast by voting in our poll below.

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