Buying a car or a house sight unseen is one thing. But marrying without having met them? That's REALLY rolling the dice. But a Michigan man did just that.

A 24 year old man from Detroit, identified simply as 'Darrin' married his beloved, a 26 year old from Liverpool, England back in August over a Zoom connection.

They had never met in person before tying the knot, and still haven't, but both seem contended in their new found marital bliss.

Ayse says she was introduced to her new husband by his mother, Kenda, after they had begun communicating in a Facebook Covid lockdown chat room.

Kenda seemed to think the two would hit it off because they had a lot of the same interests, and they did. They were married August 19 after maintaining an online relationship since July of 2020.

They have talked for hours to each other over the phone, and they felt a bond when chatting.

So how did they overcome the five hour time difference between the two countries?

‘It was during the pandemic so I wasn’t working as I’d been furloughed and just altered my sleep pattern, so I was sleeping at the same time Darrin was,’ Ayse told Metro UK.

 ‘We’d be on video call and just be chatting when we fall asleep – then usually when I wake up, he’s still there sleeping.

‘It’s the closest we can get and might sound strange but it’s a huge comfort.’

They got along so well, Darrin decide to 'pop the question' on May 21 of this year. Ayse said yes and planned to travel to the United States to tie the know in July. However, travel restrictions were still in place for both countries, so that prevented the marriage from happening.

A work around idea was put in place, where Ayse would fly to Mexico and quarantine there for 15 days before flying to the US, but immigration officials put the kibosh on that plan as well.

They eventually were married in a Zoom ceremony on August 19th. They were able to make official thanks to a Utah law passed in 2020 which legalized international marriages over virtual platforms.

Ayse said Darrin won her over when he asked her dad for permission to marry here before popping the question.

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted between the US and Britain, Ayse will finally get to meet the man of her dreams, as soon as her latest Visa application goes through, which should be any day now.

So congratulations to the bride and groom, and I hope you enjoy each others company, and that it all works out.

Hey, if the knuckleheads on '90 Day Fiancé' can make it work, why can't these two?

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