Modern medicine is amazing, right along the lines of the Internet and streaming TV.

Seriously, you can watch "The Walking Dead" anywhere on your smartphone! Amazing!

Cosmetic surgery is big business. Augmentation of body parts can be a lucrative practice. But if you wanted to say, get a breast augmentation, you would have to see a video or watch a computer animation of how you would look with the finished product. That still might not be enough to sway you to get the job done.

There's a new procedure that allows you to experience a breast augmentation without having surgery. It's a 24-hour injection that allows users to feel the effects of the enhancement without the surgery.

WZZM-13 is doing a "sweeps" story on just such a procedure.

The guy checking out the girl coming through the door -- at least he isn't SO obvious! I know he's supposed to be for the sake of the spot, but come on!

See the full report tonight on WZZM-13

Sorapong Chaipanya/ThinkStock
Sorapong Chaipanya/ThinkStock

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