Wyoming Police are hoping someone knows something about this lost guitar, mostly because they are sick of hearing one of their officers attempt to play it. 

Fox 17 reports that Officer Allen has been strumming the guitar and singing for his coworkers since the guitar was turned in. On Tuesday the City of Wyoming posted a photo of Officer Allen along with a plea to help them find its owner.

A parent of a Wyoming Public Schools student brought the guitar in, saying her son hasn't told her where he found it.

Officer Allen tells Fox 17 he doesn't really sing or play the guitar:

“I think all my coworkers in the building would probably prefer they (the owner) come and get it before I get my hands on it some more. I had a pretty good time with it, wandering around the building, trying to play guitar for everyone.”

If you'd like to spare the Wyoming Department of Public Safety from Officer Allen's performances and have some information about the guitar, call 616-530-7300.

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