Luckily the driver was left unscathed by the accident, which left his windshield in shambles.

A truck driver is counting his blessings today after a steel beam shot through his windshield on I-96 between Detroit and Lansing last week.

Johnnie Lowe of Wayne was westbound on I-96 headed toward Lansing near Williamston when he saw something slide off a truck out of the corner of his eye.

He thought he steered clear of the debris, when the steel beam took a weird bounce and shot through the windshield of his box truck and rammed into his steering wheel. It missed him by inches.

“It bounced my way, so I just put my arm up, put my hand on the back of the steering wheel, put my foot on the brake, eased the brake. My life flashed before my eyes.”

The father of three was covered in auto glass, and had a cut to his right cheek, but was otherwise unharmed by the incident.

Lowe was offered time off following the incident, but after resting on Friday, he was back to work on Monday.

When you see the photos of the crash here, you can see how close Johnnie came to his demise.


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