When the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile makes its way through town everyone gets excited and wants a chance to see it and take pictures. But don't you think it would be more exciting to actually drive it? Now is your chance!

The Kraft Heinz Company is currently hiring drivers for their famous Oscar Meyer weenie. This is a paid job that will last one year, and over that year, you'll be driving all across the U.S. or as they call it the "Hot Dog Highways of America."

As a Hotdogger and someone representing Oscar Meyer, you'll also do interviews and make appearances at different events during your travels.

Applicants are encouraged to have a Bachelor's Degree and be outgoing and friendly individuals. Having a love for hot dogs also doesn't hurt.

Being an Oscar Mayer driver could be the perfect opportunity for someone who's a recent college grad, especially for those who are still trying to figure out that next step in life. At least you'll get to travel across the country while figuring out what you want to do.

The position not only includes a paid full-time gig but also comes with benefits.

The deadline to apply to become a Hotdogger is January 31. Fill out an application here. You'll officially hit the road this June.

The hotdog on wheels is 27-feet long and has been around since its creation in 1939.

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