Now that Fat Tuesday is here, you can now drink your paczki instead of eating it thanks to a local brewery.

According to WOOD, the Alebird Taphouse and Brewery in Byron Center has now turned a Paczki into a pilsner.

Marion Barwig put his brewmaster, Tshecomah Fisher, to work on brewing a beer that focuses on the center of a paczki by blending the raspberry and strawberry flavors together.

Fisher said, "Marion came to us and said, how about making something, a beer with a paczki in it? And I was like, you know I could probably do that. We hashed out a recipe and then we talked to the chef and she made us 50 pounds of paczki. They were raspberry and strawberry flavored. We just broke them up as we were mashing in and that was that."

If you are looking for more alcohol for your buck, this lager comes in at 7.1 percent alcohol.

Fisher went on to say, "by adding the paczki, we were able to get those raspberry notes and that festive flavor that everybody's kind of looking for on Fat Tuesday especially. All around, I mean you get every single flavor that you're looking for in a stout and a paczki."

If you are looking for the liquid pacski just go to the Alebird Taphouse and Brewery in Byron Center on 84th Street. When you get up to the bar, ask for an "Attack of the Paczki's. They have brewed 5 kegs and will sell them until they run out.

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