To minimize your trips to the grocery store, Panera Bread is offering a new service where you can buy your groceries through their app and they will deliver them to you.

According to WOOD, Panera started making groceries available for people to order through their app and website on Friday. You can't get everything but things like milk, bread and fresh produce, you are in.

This is a great way for consumers to skip smaller visits to the grocery store and keep you safe at home more.

Items you can order do vary between the different Panera locations but here is a list of what they are offering:

  • Fresh baked breads and bagels. White loaf, whole grain, pan loaf, French baguette.
  • Bagel packs
  • Milk - skim milk, 2% milk gallons.
  • Greek yogurt tubs, yogurt tubes
  • Cream Cheese
  • Produce - apples, avocados, blueberries, red grapes and tomatoes.

Here is how Panera Bread offering their services to keep you and employees safe:

  • Order to go at all cafes
  • Drive-up contactless curbside service
  • Contactless delivery to your front door.
  • All orders are sealed for extra protection
  • Rigorous cleaning and sinitization procedures at all bakery/cafes

If you want to limit your trips to the grocery store, Panera Bread has a solution for you. Here is a link to find a Panera Bread near you.


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