The Rolling Stones are only rock 'n' roll, but we like it ... enough to dedicate our latest installment of You Think You Know Classic Rock? to a quick look at a few of the lesser-known facts from Stones lore, and even the hardcore faithful might be surprised by some of the stuff we turned up.

Charlie Watts' backbeat has given the Stones their distinctive strut throughout the band's illustrious career, but he hasn't always been behind the kit for their recording sessions. In fact, on one of their better-known songs, the drum outro was performed by someone else entirely. How did it happen, and who was the lucky guy? We've got the answer right here.

Artists are often too close to their own material to offer a truly useful perspective when asked to identify their best work, but it's still fun to ask -- and by the same token, it can be just as interesting to ask them what they think their worst albums are. Mick Jagger doesn't pull any punches when discussing his least favorite Stones record, which he deems "rubbish," and although Ron Wood's choice for the band's low point probably won't surprise you, his reason for making it might.

Speaking of punches, our Stones edition of You Think You Know Classic Rock? muses on the outcome of a hypothetical boxing match between Jagger and his longtime creative partner/frenemy Keith Richards. Who do you think would win if these two stepped into the ring? We've got a pretty good guess, and you can find out who we picked -- and why -- right here. You think you know the Rolling Stones? Watch the video and see what you might have missed.

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