Now that the winter Olympics have begun in Bejing, are you gonna watch some of the greatest athletes in the world?

I have never been one who gets excited about the Olympics like I do when the NFL football season is coming, but I do like watching some of the competitions.

Last night, for instance, there was nothing on TV that I cared about, and since I don't have satellite or cable I wound up watching some of the Olympics. What I didn't expect was that I would watch for a couple of hours. I actually fell asleep watching.

I saw some amazing ice skaters last night. Some were in single completion and others were skating in couples. Sure I root for the U.S. team but I'm still impressed with the other countries' athletes as well. I will say for the U.S. Nathan Chen was amazing but the guy from Japan was pretty incredible as well.

I also saw some of the women's skiing last night and was blown away by the talent from all around the world. Heck the U.S. had three skiers make the top 10 last night.

When I was growing up, there were only 3 or 4 channels to choose from so sometimes watching the Olympics seemed more like a chore. There were not TVs in multiple rooms or devices to stream other shows on. Whatever was on at the time, that is what the family watched. Even though I may have been grumpy about it as a kid, I still would find myself getting all caught up in it rooting for the U.S. athletes.

What I am getting at is, there are a lot more distractions and choices these days when it comes to watching television. If you didn't plan on watching the Olympics, give it a shot and if you have family in your house, get them to watch along.

These athletes spend their lives to represent our country meaning you and me, we should at least take some time and show them some respect and check out some of the events.

It is a great way to escape from reality, have some fun, get excited with those around you, and see some amazing athletes from around the world represent their countries.

I'm not saying you have Tivo every event, I'm just saying you might enjoy yourself and feel a sense of pride living through these athletes and who knows, you might have a young one in the house who gets inspired and someday goes for the gold themselves.

I can't wait for the snowboarding events during the Olympics. I have my son this weekend and I will make sure we spend a few hours watching so the same joy can be passed down to him.

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