There's been a sickness making its way around here at the radio station. Seriously, it seems like just about everyone has had it in one shape or form. Do you know how all of this started? Someone came to work while they were sick! And it turns out, people don't like that.

Here's how much your coworkers hate you when you're sick - they'd rather do extra work than be in the same room with you.

A new survey found 90% of people would prefer their sick coworkers stay home than tough it out and come in to work even though in a lot of cases, that means you'll have to do a little extra work to cover for them.

The survey also found the eight most annoying things coworkers do when they come in sick:

1.  Not covering their mouth when they cough.

2.  Sniffling.

3.  Wiping their nose on their sleeve.

4.  Sneezing.

5.  Leaving used tissues around.

6.  Letting their nose run without using a tissue.

7.  Blowing their nose.

8.  Complaining about being sick.