Lots of things about you make up your personality. Your tastes, the people you associate with, your style. And now, your favorite fast food?

It's true. Your love of a Whopper or an Arby's Beef 'n' Cheddar say a lot about the person you are.

The list makers at Thrillist have gone to great lengths to decipher fast food habits and what it says about you:

Though you may not know it, the fast-food chain you love the most is actually a gateway into your soul.

Steak ‘n Shake
"You love John Mellencamp almost as much as you distrust anyone who is lactose intolerant."

"You’ve got some stuff in your past, man. Some dark, dark stuff. You’re also very good at chess."

My personal favorite? It's Dairy Queen.

Here's what Thrillist had to say about DQ:

When you hear a weatherman say blizzard, your Pavlovian response dictates that you immediately open the freezer drawer and start shoving Oreos into the ice cream containers. At group dinners, you secretly cry inside when the group decides to forego dessert. You own Frozen on VHS, somehow."

And people wonder why I love fast food so much. That's gold, Jerry, gold!

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