It feels like an ominous warning. Maybe the start to a horror movie. A road sign tells you 'DEAD END' worse yet 'YOUR GPS IS WRONG.' That's a sign that pops up in a few locations in Oceana County, Michigan near Shelby and has likely led to a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomaches of more than a few drivers.

A photo of the sign has been shared to both the Historical Michigan and Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in Michigan Facebook groups.

Here's what it looks like.

Sleuths in the group and locals in the area have sussed out that you can see this sign not too far off of US 131 at the Shelby exit. West of the exit along Shelby Road is 48th Street. Reports are this sign is on 48th as it becomes a nearly unnavigable dirt rutted path.

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Other 'Your GPS is Wrong' Locations in Michigan

The Oceana County sign led to some interesting Facebook comments about similar signs and GPS-led misadventures including two in southern Michigan:

There is a road in St. Joseph County by Decatur that ends at a train track, saying it’s a through road.

There is another place like this in branch county too and your driving and it’s scary then all of a sudden you have to turn around and all the houses at the end of the road are abandoned

Whether you venture to Oceana County or just the backroads in your neck of the woods, you're sure to find some interesting roads. Just remember, that if you get stuck, tow truck fees don't run cheap, so always drive at your own risk, and trust your eyes and instinct and not a GPS.

Here are some of our suggestions for great drives across America - and as a bonus, they're mostly paved and most surely maintained.

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