You might not think you are, but you're doing it wrong.  Apparently, your posture needs to be perfect while doing housework...  At least according to an article from The Delineator circa 1920.  The American woman's magazine would often publish articles on clothing patterns, home decor, embroidery, and other domestic topics.  The series of photographs in this article are taken of Miss Ruth Kellogg demonstrating correct postures for various forms of housework.

Don't even think about slouching while you sweep.  It could cost you you're dignity.

When peeling any fruit or vegetable, do not lean back in your chair.  Having your eyes always forward and feet firmly planted on the ground will always result in a perfectly peeled potato.

Always lunge when picking up stray pieces of clothing on the floor.  The photo below would be scored a perfect 10 in the competitive world of picking stuff up.

Window washing is a perfect time to show off your amazing posture.  Don't you dare think about leaning to wash the lower portion of the window.

When washing the dishes, a firm grip should be applied to both the wash cloth and the dish.  Your back should be positioned at a 90 degree angle allowing for maximum awesomeness.