Ervin Smolinski often gives out lottery tickets as birthday gifts and when he turned 94 recently, his family returned the favor, and now Ervin is finally rich!!

For Ervin's 94th birthday, the World War II veteran from South Branch, Michigan (which is literally in the middle of nowhere in the Huron National Forest between Rose City and Tawas City in Ogemaw County) got some scratch-offs and one from his daughter-in-law was a winner. In fact, he won the biggest prize he could with it - $300,000!

So what does Smolinski plan to spend his winnings on? Nothing extravagant, he says he just wants to buy a new shed and a better used car, and he’ll invest the rest.

"I’m pretty frugal, I always shop sales and take care of my money and that won’t change,” the vet told Michigan Lottery Connect. “The only thing that will change is I won’t have as much stress in my life worrying about money.” And that’s the best present anyone could get!

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