Today is Fat Tuesday and that means a Polish delicacy is all anyone is talking about.  But, chances are you are using the word wrong.  If you said "I want a Paczki!" or "I hope my Paczki is apple filled!", you've used that word wrong.

Why?  It's because Paczki is actually the plural version of the word.  So, the only way it makes sense is if you are talking about multiple yummy Polish donuts.  And if you added an "s" to Paczki and said "Paczkis", you are also saying it wrong.

So what's it really called?  A single Paczki is actually called a "Paczek", which is pronounced kinda like "Poon-check".  At least, that's what Beth said when she called into our show today to tell us how to properly talk about Paczki. (Which is commonly pronounced something like "Poonch-key")  See what she had to say about it below.

Well, what do you think, does that sound right?  According to wikipedia, the spelling is correct for the singular and plural versions of the word, but the pronunciation is always something people argue about.  Were you saying it right all day, or were you using the plural form in place of the singular?

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