There are big gets and then there is the biggest get of all. President Barack Obama is nearly gettable, but Funny or Die's Zach Galifianakis got him.

Not even the president could force the comedic actor to reel it in and be respectful. And that's precisely why this six-minute chit chat is hilarious and priceless.

The Leader of the Free World agreed to participate in a 'Between Two Ferns' interview with Galifianakis, who took a belt to Justin Bieber's behind during his appearance on the same interview segment last fall.

Barry O. could barely keep a straight face while Galifianakis laid into him without breaking character.

The actor asked his usual inane questions as the show's host, querying Obama about pardoning turkeys and "Ambassador Rodman," the latter statement proving how uninformed (and funny) he is.

The prez retorted by talking about how Bradley Cooper carried 'The Hangover' franchise, to which Galifianiakis said that it's hard to make it in Hollywood being short, fat and smelling of Doritos. Zing... against himself!

The recurring Obama birth control controversy was addressed and ZG had the audacity to call the prez a nerd, to which he responded that the FLOTUS aka Michelle Obama would not have married him if he were a nerd.

The appearance did promote Obamacare, and Galifianakis got in more than a few digs about the lack of functionality of the website when it launched, itself a national topic!

Before his detractors rip Obama for this appearance, let us applaud him for his sense of humor. Appearing on 'Between Two Ferns' allowed him speak to a large cross-section of young people.

It also made him seem very real and on our level.