The internet is quickly becoming the dominant market space of the 21st century. More and more consumers are not only purchasing via the internet, but also using the web as their primary source for finding businesses that meet their needs. If you don't have a functional, easy to navigate website, you could be losing out on a huge portion of your consumer base.

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    24/7 Availability

    Your business closes, but your website is always open.

    People are online 24/7 and they often times will research purchasing decisions during non-business hours. Don't let your competitors steal business from you because they are available when you are not. Having a website will allow your business to be available to your customers exactly when they need it to be.

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    People Are Always Connected

    The majority of people can access the internet from their phones.

    Smartphones now allow people to access the internet from the palm of their hand anywhere in the world. Your business needs to be front and center when customers are searching for your services on their mobile devices. People make decisions on the fly and outside of the house. A website allows your business to be there when customers are on the road and looking for a service you provide.

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    Customers Will Find You

    More people use the internet to look up businesses than any other medium.

    Services like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have rendered the phone book an antique. The vast majority of consumers will use online search engines in order to find a business they are looking for. Your business needs to have a website that has excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so you show up when people search for a product or service you provide.

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    Easy And Fast To Update Your Consumers

    Quickly inform consumers of sales, announcements, etc.

    Your businesses website can quickly reflect any changes in your business. It can be used to inform your customers of sales, announce new products or services, announce changes in hours, and anything else your customer might need to know about your business.

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    A website is an dynamic marketing and advertising tool.

    Having a website is just another way to get the word out about your business. Your business can be found by anyone in the world, and more importantly everyone in your community.

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    Saves You Time And Money

    Updating a website is free and easy.

    Having a website can save you time and money. You can test new products and advertisements quickly and easily. No need to spend thousands of dollars on an ad campaign and find out it didn't work weeks after it is over. You can test strategies online and tailor them on the fly to get the biggest bang for your buck.

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    Increase Your Customer Base

    Tap into a whole new group of digital consumers.

    When you business has an attractive and functional website, you will be reaching a whole new audience. In addition to in store or on site sales, you can now reach customers all over the globe.

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    Marketing For Your Business

    A website can be an extremely valuable tool when marketing your business.

    A website is like an information packet that you give to people who are already looking for you. Being able to quickly update and distribute this information packet puts your business ahead of similar ones who don't have the same digital reach as you. With a sleek functional design, your website acts as an ambassador of your business to the internet community.

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    Capture The Local Internet Audience

    Reach consumers in your town 24/7.

    Once your website has proper SEO, you can instantly see an influx in traffic to your website. That influx in traffic can directly effect your bottom line. Having a website also gives your local consumers an easy way to interact with your business before they even set foot in the door.

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    Communication And Feedback

    Interact with customers more frequently and more reliably.

    In today's world, a customer is much more likely to write an email or submit a comment to a business than to pick up the phone and call. You can build a customer database of email addresses through your website and be able to reach your customers quickly, easily, and frequently. Social media can help in the process as well, allowing your business to get in front of thousands of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ users.

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