Michigan Woman Starts New Trend: Astrofrecks
A tattoo artist in Ypsilanti is tattooing star signs in her clients’ freckles. Jessica Knapik is taking the whole freckle trend to a whole new level by inking constellations on the face, which she calls Astrofrecks.
Michigan Ranks High In Identity Theft [Video]
I had my debit card numbers swiped from me recently and used at a local store, and although I'm pretty sure I know where it happened, it appears I have little recourse.

It figures. Michigan is one of the worst states for identity theft protection.
Grand Rapids Is A ‘Hipster’ Mecca Once Again
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it seems hipsters aren’t going anywhere. Luckily, a lot of them tend to live in the same neighborhoods, likely to have a bunch of spots that sell artisanal coffee, or avocado toast, along with tons of indie record stores. Well, if you are indeed a hipster a…

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