Yes, I know, funnest really isn't a word. But as far as Olympic Games go, these are the ones I think have the most personality. The image I remember from most Olympics is a serious, staid sporting competition between athletes who had been training all their lives for this one event. Gruff, overbearing old men coaches who look like they will kill if you don't land that throw or stick that landing.

These games, however, seem to have a little more compassion and fun to them. People are smiling. Medals are being won. And even the British, who really aren't known for their normal sense of humor (read:Monty Python) are getting into the act. Some of the music choices they have picked after events have been almost perfect.

After the Women's Trampoline final (I know...why in the world was I watching the Women's Trampoline Final?) what music did the organizers choose?

I will give you a second.

"Jump...For My Love" by the Pointer Sisters. Jump...Trampoline...Get it? :)

Go World.