It's late April. The 2014 off-year election isn't for another seven months.

I'm already sick of some of the election commercials. They just seem to get worse and worse every two years. AND they start earlier.

The one I hate the most so far is "The Schauer is Over" ad.

I get it. The play on words from the Republican Governors Association -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is a Republican seeking re-election -- tries to squash Democratic Party candidate Mark Schauer from making any traction against the incumbent. So, the ad points out he's raised taxes on nursing home beds. That's fine and all.

The part that bugs me? The stoned girl in the ad saying "The Schauer is over."

Whoever thought this girl makes a good advocate for drumming Snyder out office is beyond me. Is she a nurse? Say that. Otherwise, she looks like she wants to get a bag of Cheetos and watch "South Park."

Next, Terri Lynn Land is running for something. In some ads, her opponent, Gary Peters, says she going tax women more and take away their rights or something. And she can't believe that ... really?

Can it be Nov. 5 yet?