published this list which is cute and the good thing is it's pretty clear the writer may actually have been here once or twice in his life.

Here's the top ten on the list. To see the whole list click here.

My comments are in parentheses.

1. Showing people where we live

A geographical given. And because when Florida tries it, it’s extremely NSFW. Or just about anywhere else. (also, it you don't know how to do the "UP" two hand map, you're really not from Michigan).

2. Being cool with Canada

I mean, everyone’s pretty tight with Canada, but we’re like hold-your-hair-back-at-the-bar tight. (BONUS POINTS if you dated someone from Canada! I can remember in the '70s always getting Canadian coins with my change. That doesn't seem to happen anymore. I wonder why.)

 3. Coney dogs

Everywhere, all the time. (The weird thing is I'm pretty sure they don't even serve Coney dogs on Coney Island anymore.)

 4. Fruit

Traverse City = cherries. Everywhere else = apples. The future = saskatoons? (Roadside fruit stands sell the best fruit. But you knew that.)

 5. Lakes

Oceans have things that will eat you, and despite there being many a fat Michigander, they’re generally not known to eat people. (People out east always seemed dumbfounded by how beautiful our beaches are.)

 6. Boats/boating

Fact: We rank third in state boat registrations, but first in style. (Remember the rule -- It's better to know someone with a boat than to own a boat.)

 7. Snowmobiling

Fact No. 2: We also rank third in state snowmobile registrations. But again, we do it best. (There's nothing better than downing a snake bite at the Red Rooster in North Muskegon after a day of snowmobiling or skiing the local trails.)

8. Cars

You’re right, it’s not at all like it once was. Still, car culture thrives here, especially come Dream Cruise time. (Because we invented the darn things, we know how to drive them the best, am I right?)

 9. Rivalries

Michigan vs. Ohio State; Detroit Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche; Detroit Lions vs. Rest of NFL; Detroit Pistons vs. Chicago Bulls; Detroit vs. everybody. We like the stakes to be high. (And how cool is it to see the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry get jacked up again?)

 10. Booze

Beer, whiskey, wine, cider, mead, vodka, brandy, etc. -- you name it. If it contains alcohol, Michigan makes it and makes it well. (Amen.)