I am only 26 years old, and the first time I have ever heard this album was from the 1999 movie "Detroit Rock City."

Strangely enough, this movie also introduced me to the greatness that is KISS.

KISS brought me (and many legendary rock stars) to rock music! Forty years ago today, KISS released its first album.

But at first, it wasn't any kind of success.

When KISS first launched its album on Casablanca Records (which was primarily a disco label), no one really got it.

Everyone at the time was more about KISS' show than they were about the music. KISS was selling out show everywhere, but were not selling albums at all. Even with a cover that no one had really ever seen before with four faces caked in make-up.

Primary problem and biggest complaint? It didn't really sound like them.

You go to a KISS show and it was big and flashy with bombs going off.

The first album, along with the next two ("Hotter than Hell: and "Dressed to Kill") didn't capture that.

So how do you capture that on an album? Release a live album!

The double live album known as "Alive!" shot KISS into superstardom!

When "Alive" hit the scene, everyone went out and bought any kind of KISS album they could get, including the first album.

Here's to 40 years of "Strutter," "Deuce," "Nothin' to Lose" and many more!

Video of KISS performing in 1973

Video of KISS performing in 1996 at Tiger Stadium in Detroit