This is beginning to be an upsetting trend. Parents who end up dying after saving their children's lives. The "saving their children's lives" part isn't the upsetting part. The fact we are losing so many good men and women is.

The latest is the heartbreaking story of Matt VanderMolen from Walker. He was driving a boat when his 3 year old son Jaxon leaped off his lap and into the ice waters of Rose Lake in Osceola County. VanderMolen dove fully clothed into the lake, saved his son, but then drowned. He was only 23.

He's being remembered as a hero. As well he should be. WAY too young to die. I didn't know Matt, but I have kids that I would do anything for, so I understand. My thoughts are with his family and young son. Here's the story from "Walker man hailed as hero for saving 3-year-old son before he drowned"