It's another case of WFGR Retrovision! If you grew up in a certain time, to say "SchoolHouse Rock" the words immediately conjure up the songs and pictures of the 1970s.

"Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?," "I'm Just a Bill, and I'm Sitting Here on Capitol Hill"
and countless other songs helped teach a generation about everything.

If you weren't into PBS, "SchoolHouse Rock" was YOUR educational TV.

Now, ABC is bringing the short educational cartoons back for a countdown of sorts. "New ABC special dares to rank all-time best 'Schoolhouse Rock' songs"

Just in time for the school year, ABC will celebrate groovy and educational jams with 'The ABC’s of Schoolhouse Rock' on Sunday at 7 p.m.

The Chandra Wilson-hosted special will feature interviews with the creators and writers of the Emmy Award-winning series. More importantly, it will seek to settle the age-old debate: Which is the best "Schoolhouse Rock" song of all time?"

Here's my vote: "Mother Necessity!"