ArtPrize To Expand To Dallas In 2016
ArtPrize is expanding!
A local nonprofit called ArtPrize Dallas was created to bring the art competition to Texas. They have a three-year agreement to exclusive rights to hold ArtPrize in Texas.
The Artists of ArtPrize: Passion, Faith And Innovation
I had heard many things about the annual ArtPrize competition. It was described to me as "crazy", "crowded" and "fun". But none of those terms came close to what I encountered in my first stroll into ArtPrize venues Friday night.
What I discovered was a massive art exhib…
Artprize In Your Backyard
What if Artprize was right in your own backyard? Like your bathroom window faced right out to a good chunk of the Artprize competition. Would be cool wouldn't it?
ArtPrize Sneak Peek with Founders’ Mosaic Promise
ArtPrize will be here sooner than you know it!
The "Worlds Largest Art Competition" returns for it's 6th year September 24- October 12, 2014.
And while yes, I’m excited for the art, I have to admit I’m more excited for the beer!
Art Prize “Don’t Miss” Moments Randy Finch
Randy Finch dropped in today to talk about Art Prize and some of the not miss attractions to see this year!
Randy has been seen all over town and all over the country on his Food Network show "Ice Brigade"
Click on the link to hear what you just "can't miss" at Art Prize this year …
Who Is Ready For Some Artprize?
So walking out of the radio station last night to go home, I noticed something across Monroe Ave. It appeared to be a giant 1950's TV set out in front of the Comerica Bank Building. A giant teal colored TV will draw your eyes attention.
It’s Never Too Early For ArtPrize!
The next installment of ArtPrize won't be for at least another 8 months, but that hasn't stopped the World's Largest Art Contest's organizers to start planning for this year and the future of the critically acclaimed art show. ArtPrize 2013 will be from September 18 to October 6.…

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