Win Cheap Trick Tickets All Day Thursday From WFGR!
Do you want to "Surrender"? Have you put "The Flame" out for Cheap Trick? "I want you to Want Me" and win Cheap Trick Tickets all day Thursday! OK those were some crappy examples of Cheap Trick songs, but it got your attention! AND you can win Ch…
Win FREE GAS From Free Ga$ Radio–WFGR!
Here's your chance to Beat the Pump and win FREE GAS from WFGR! Free Gas Radio is just in time for summer vacation! But there are a couple of hoops, First you HAVE to be a Classic VIP Club member. It's free to join, and you can win free money, concert tickets, electronics and more! Go to t…
2 Days Left To Win Free Money! And 10K On Friday!
A grand a day in May is almost his-toray! Well that was a stretch, but you still have a couple of days left to win CLUCKS CLASSIC CASH! At LEAST $1,000 today and tomorrow! Plus we give away the $10,000 Grand Prize online on Friday! Who couldn't use some of the FatCat Chickens money?
Withdraw $1,000 A Day In May! Cluck’s Classic Cash Machine!
The big Chicken has lost his ATM card, and that could mean big money for you! WFGR gives you a chance to win your share of $44,000 with Cluck's ATM Card! It's Clucks Classic Cash Machine! Listen weekdays to be the 25th caller at 616-459-9889 to win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH! And on certain days, the…
Win A $500 Meijer Gas Card!
And all you have to do is be a WFGR Classic VIP Club member! Enter to win FREE GAS from WFGR! Don't kid yourself, gas will be back above 4 dollars before you know it. Be ready with 500 dollars in free gas from Grand Rapids' FREE GAS RADIO--98.7 WFGR!
Win SOLD OUT Elton John Tickets Tuesday!
It's a very special FREE TICKET TUESDAY on 98.7 WFGR! No, not like a very special Blossom, this is the real deal! Listen all day Tuesday to hear "The Bitch Is Back" by Elton. When you hear it, be caller 98 at 616-459-9889 and you could be going to see Elton's sold out sho…
Win Elton John Tickets and Beautiful Watches
It's FIRE AND ICE!   You're chance to win SOLD OUT and Elt0n John Tickets AND a pair of beautiful his and hers watches - all from Siegel Jewlers!
Here's how it works - make sure you sign up for the Classic VIP Club right away, if you're not already signed up!
Win Laughfest Tickets All Week
It's a Bob and Tom Winning week on WFGR!
Starting Monday March 5th - Listen ALL week and ANYTIME you hear a BOB SEGER  or TOM PETTY be the 9th caller to 616 459 9889 - and we'll spin the good ol Wheel of Winning, which will be loaded up with Laughfest tickets!  Shows include Whoop…

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