The Music World Remembers Mike Nichols [Video]
Tinseltown lost a legend when director Mike Nichols died on Wednesday, but the music world lost a hero too. Nichols was able to create soundtracks for his movies from popular music, a practice that at the time of movies like "The Graduate," was not common.
David Spade Is Back! In “Joe Dirt 2″
From the "they really needed to make a sequel of THIS?" file, David Spade has resurfaced after his 6 year run on "Rules of Engagement". Someone in Hollywood, AKA "The Land Of no more Original Ideas" must have said "Hey, let's make a…
Trailer For Next Years ‘Peanuts’ Movie Released [Video]
Charlie Brown and the Paenuts Gang will get the animated CGI treatment next Christmas when the "Peanuts" movie is released.
The trailer remains true to the comic strip, as Snoopy's fantasy of being a World War I fighter pilot battling the Red Baron plays out, while Woodstock an…
The Jojo Show: Top Five Movie Themes [Video List]
After overhearing two guys talk about how they thought the theme from "Star Wars" was the greatest movie theme of all time, I offered up what I thought was the top five movie themes of all time, and then gave you your say on the matter.
10 Fictional Bars You Can Visit
If you’re a TV and cinema buff, as well as a barfly, you just might be able to combine your passions together. The characters inhabiting our film and television fantasy worlds need places to hang out, just like we do.

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