Kent and Ottawa County Election Results
A number of West Michigan communities headed to the polls on Tuesday, May 3, including Grandville, Sparta, Grand Haven, Hudsonville, Jenison, Zeeland and more.
View complete election results for Kent and Ottawa counties.
Detroit Teachers Shut Down Schools Over Payroll Shortage
Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, but Detroit City School teachers are not feeling very appreciated. The School District say it won't be able to meet payroll over the summer months, so the teachers didn't show up for work again today, shutting down every school in Michigan's lar…
Keith Richards Allegedly Once Threatened to Stab Donald Trump
Stories about rock stars doing crazy stuff have been around since Chuck Berry first duck walked across a stage back in the fifties. Green M&Ms, stomach pumps and sharks being used inappropriately are now a part of rock n roll lore.
This story about Keith Richards possibly thinking about pulli…

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