Happy 175th Birthday Michigan!
Yep, January 26th, 1837 Michigan became a state! Whoo Hoo! Hey Michigan, you don't look a day over 157! ;) What's great about Michigan? Well we live here. We know. The people, the natural resources, the spirit. Now people all over the land can find out and see more about Michigan.
The Trials Of Dating In The Digital Age.
The commercial for says it: one in five relationships these days starts online. Who hasn't been online looking for a mate of some sort? Most people have. My friend Karen from Up North is one such person. She's looking for love, or something on Plenty of And she's g…
Local Eastown Brewpub Set To Open! Yay!
I live in Eastown, and love it! And no disrespect to my local fav hangout Schmohz's Brewery on Patterson (I do loves me a Sammi Rae Root Beer), news of the Harmony Brewing Company opening on Lake in Eastown at the end of the month is heavenly! Now you have to know something about me, I don&apos…
Shamwow’s Vince Is Back!
First there was the King of infomercials, Billy Mays. Then his heir apparent, Anthony Sullivan. Then came along...the enemy. Vince Offer. You know, the Shamwow guy. The double entendre king. In his commercial for the "Slap Chop", Vince tells you "you're gonna love my …
Hollywood Has OFFICIALLY Run Out Of Ideas [REVIEW]
Dirty Dancing. Footloose. Dennis the Menace. Sgt. Bilko. The Addams Family. The Beverly Hillbillies. The Brady Bunch. The list goes on and on. Movies made from TV shows. And rehashed ideas for TV shows. Kids living in Wisconsin (Happy Days, That 70's Show). Friends all living in New York City a…
From Everyone At WFGR, Happy 2012!
Thank you from all of us (Bob, Tom, Matt, Craig, Cluck, Dano and Janna) for listening and making the switch to Classic Hits 98.7 WFGR! Every time we go into a business and hear the station on, meet a fan at an event, take a request on the phone or chat with someone on Facebook, just know we really a…
“Don’t Know, Don’t Care”
So I have a MetroPCS phone. Why should I pay 130 dollars a month for something I can pay 40 dollars a month for? I'm might be dumb, but I ain't stupid! Anyhoo, one of the ways MetroPCS keeps the cost down is to send little advertising text messages and polls. I got one over weekend. It was…
Seinfeld On Live! No Soup For You!
This whole week Neil Patrick Harris is sitting in for Regis on Live with Kelly Lee--oh wait. Reege is off starting a family variety show (good luck with THAT!) Last week, Reege's first out of the chair since October, Jerry Seinfeld was Kel's co-host. And it was bad. I mean BAD!
The Munsters Are Back!
NBC is digging deep in the ol' TV grabbag. They have reportedly ordered a pilot of "The Munsters". The classic 60's monster sitcom could be on your 50 inch LCD flatscreen next fall. Well that's something.
Bacon Flavored…LUBE? I Have Now Seen It All.
The guys at J&D's have a mantra. Everything should taste like bacon. Simple as that. So when I get emails from time to time touting "bacon flavored salt" or "bacon flavored popcorn" my bacon radar lights up. Imagine my surprise when the email today started with "J&D’…
November Is National Peanut Butter Month!!
November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month -- a time to celebrate one of America's most popular foods. A recent survey found that peanut butter is found in about 75 percent of homes.
It's a staple in our home. In fact,a new survey found

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