I love my List...CraigsList! Use it, I get a royalty everytime you use it, so please do! Here's the latest "Best of Craigslist" Post. It's a guy trying to find something....but the something isn't a person. It's a--well read on.

The guy in this ad is trying to find a cat. And he's using Craigslist. Good luck with that...:) Right in my neighborhood.

"Hey, you were a small black kitten out alone at night around the Lake Dr. and Wealthy Ave. area. I was a human being. I don't think you understood what I was saying or my interest in you - you looked kind of scared. I could tell the way you sort of kept your distance. You meowed once, but ran off. I tried to let you know I am totally nice. I just wanted to help you out and take you home and give you a chance at a good happy life. Winter is coming and you are very small.

If you are interested, maybe we could try again soon. I will keep looking in the same area and I might bring you something nice like a can of tuna."

I think I know that cat...but I would use "petfinder.com" to reach out to the cat...NOT craigslist...silly hippy Eastown Dude..;)