So I went to the Whitecaps game last night at 5th 3rd Ballpark (Shameless plug-The Caps are home all weekend with fun stuff going on each night, including fireworks Saturday...784-4131 or for tickets!)

So I was out in front of the ballpark signing up people to win our "Classic Hit or Miss" game for $98! What a great night1 Sunny and in the low 70's. And that was fine and all, so as I finished up, I went into the game.

It was "Myron Noodleman" night. He's "Baseball's Biggest Nerd".

And it shows.

So after the 3rd inning, I went down and found a very nice box seat to sit in.

And after a few pitches, a nice Staffing, Inc. Whitecaps usher named Traci wanted to know where my ticket was. I didn't have one, but after I explained I was here for the Classic Hit or Miss, she let me stay. Her and Terry were very nice, and my new favorite ushers at 5th 3rd Ballpark!

And the Caps won 2-1, so overall it was a great night!