Ginger Baker is one of my top 5 drummers of all time.

The mysterious madman is a former drummer for Cream, Blind Faith and the legendary Fela Kuti- all artists that I love!

Now Baker has come out from hiding and announced a new album due out June 24th.

Baker first started his career as a Jazz musician and is returning to his roots with Why? his first new album in 16 years.

The title track to Baker’s new album is now available to stream via Rolling Stone’s Soundcloud account and the album is also available for pre-order through iTunes.

Baker, along with his band Ginger Baker’s Jazz Confusion, will kick off a summer tour this June and will even make a stop at Detroit’s venue the Magic Bag on June 21st!

On a sidenote, have you seen the documentary Beware of Mr. Baker? It came out last year and although I couldn't make it down to the screening at Grand Rapids' Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts (UICA), it's still on my radar.

Check out the trailer below. It looks like Mr. Baker is still as mad as he ever was!