"Dancin' Fool" is a song by Frank Zappa on his 1979 album Sheik Yerbouti. Much like Zoot Allures' closing track "Disco Boy", it mocks the disco culture of the 1970s, but unlike "Disco Boy", the song directly focuses on the dancing aspect of the culture. Specifically, the character Zappa is singing as cannot help but dance, despite how awful is he at it. He refers to his dancing as "social suicide" and says "the beat goes on and I'm so wrong." Soon, it inspired crazy dance moves to mock disco dancers, and this was especially relevant, as disco was on its decline. "Dancin' Fool" charted at 45 on the U.S. charts, making it Zappa's 2nd highest charting single, behind his 1982 song, Valley Girl. The song was nominated for the Grammy award for "Best Male Vocal", but did not win.