Sure, the economy is still sputtering along and you're still waiting for that raise - keep waiting but here are some deals that will cost less in the next year.

According to, be on the lookout for bargains on such things as:

* Blu-Ray Players -- Pretty soon they'll be priced like crock-pots.

* Kindle eBook Readers -- If you buy an older model, it will be a great bargain.

* HDTVs -- They're getting so big and so cheap that nobody will bother with 32-inch models.

* Wii System Bundles -- Hold off for just a bit on buying a Wii. The prices will tumble as new video game systems come out.

* Laptop Computers -- Solid, high-power laptops are becoming as cheap as some smartphones.

* External Hard Drives -- Memory is very cheap right now. Upgrade to a high-capacity drive and you'll never have to delete a file just to clear up room.

* iPhone 3GS -- The price drop is already here. Prices will drop for other models, but you'll likely not see the 3GS on sale new for too much longer.