Famous people died this weekend. With your busy lives and the such, you might have missed these. One was James Arness, "Matt Dillion" from Gunsmoke fame. The actor was 88. He portrayed Dillon for 20 years, which on TV is an eternity. Ask Frasier Crane...uh, I mean Kelsey Grammer.

Also Jack Kevorkian passed away Friday. He was 83. Most have heard of "Dr. Death" who helped 130 people end their lives. Alan Cox, big time radio guy and friend from Cleveland said on Facebook "Kevorkian died...All on his own, ironically."

Also Andrew Gold died Friday. He wrote and performed "Lonely Boy" as well as the singles "Thank You for Being a Friend" and "Never Let Her Slip Away" He died of a heart attack. He was 59.

And also Joe Chevalier...who you might have known as "Papa Joe". He was a sports radio talk show host who used to be on Sporting News Radio. Listened to him alot over the years. He died on Friday as well of a stroke. He was 62.

Finally, Merv Griffin is still dead.