First it was the Sunrise Restaurant on 28th street nailed by the Feds, closing the business and seizing assets to pay back taxes. Mlive reported "Sunrise Family Restaurant on 28th Street closed by state Treasury Department" tells about how the owners, Thai and Susan Hong were losing the property due to unpaid taxes. Now a longtime "popular" downtown bar is getting the same treatment.

Raggs to Riches on Pearl was raided today around noon, possibly of owing back taxes. Authorities were seen taking "just about everything" from the bar, including stools and a juke box. Mlive had this to say in it's story "Agents raid Raggs to Riches bar, possibly over unpaid sales tax"

"The commotion at Raggs to Riches, 106 Pearl St. NW, could be related to several thousand dollars in unpaid sales taxes on record for the property. But authorities at the state Treasury Department refused to confirm they orchestrated today's seizure, which happened during the noon hour."

I'm sure this happens all the time, but it's weird it happened twice in the last 3 days in the same town. Hope everybody gets everything settled at least. Hate to see places go out of business.