Well, we all knew this was coming. First we heart it would be $4.00 by Memorial day, and now we are hearing $4.50 by then.

Gasbuddy.com analyst Patrick DeHaan says part of the problem is American oil refineries are not operating at their full capacity. What? Why?

He says that forcing refineries to produce at 100% could drive down the cost of a gallon of gas and do it relatively quickly, but really? When will this end. Will it?

This is going to kill tourism in Michigan this summer.

Another analyst says Wall Street officials that have more control of the price you pay at the pump than anyone else.  BS!

Many say that speculators are the ones to blame for the 40% increase we have seen at the pump during the past few months - and it's only going to get worse.

Break out that schwinn! Carpool, take the train, take the bus...