Everything has a day. Yesterday was National Chocolate Cake Day. I missed that one, but I'm not missing this one! It's National Bubble Wrap Day! I didn't even know! Like you didn't either!

From this story about "20 popular uses for bubble wrap" Here are ways to pop that wrap!

"6. Bubble Wrap® Road - Unroll sheets of Bubble Wrap® to create a track that children can ride their bikes, scooters and pull their wagons on the bubbly road.

7. Pop Twister - Add a layer of Bubble Wrap® to your Twister mat to give the game some added pop.

8. Pop Tent - Bubble Wrap® works great as a tent material. Also, since Bubble Wrap® is clear, you can be protected while looking up at the stars.

9. Pop-Off Game - Have fun with a great head-to-head popping game. Have each player lay out a single sheet of Bubble Wrap®. When the referee says "go" each player has one minute to pop as many bubbles as possible using just their pointer fingers. The player who pops the most wins!

10. Give me a "B," Give me a "U" - Create popping pom-poms by cutting two dozens 16 inch strips of Bubble Wrap®. Take a dozen strips, fold in half and tape with clear tape in the center. Repeat with the second set and you are ready to cheer.

11. Freeze Game - Lay out a carpet of Bubble Wrap® and let kids pop as many bubbles as possible until the music stops. When it does, everyone must FREEZE!"

Can't get enough of that bubble wrap! Happy Day!