Ah, 1985. Ronald Reagan was president, the Detroit Tigers were the greatest thing in the world, the Cold War was still pretty hot, and so were the moms on our TV sets. That was the year I discovered some TV shows had moms that were hot. MILTWOTs, if you will. Moms I Like To Watch On TV. Hubba Hubba!

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    Judith Light

    Who's The Boss

    Yes, Tony Danza is one delicious hunk of male housekeeper, but it was Judith Light as Angela that kept all of us teenage boys from dreaming about Alyssa Milano (that was reserved for the 90's. :) The way she would say "Tony... can you sweep the floor?" had all of us saying, "Yes, Angela. Yes, we can."

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    Phylicia Rashad

    Cosby Show

    Claire Hanks Huxtable. She could glide into a room with a cane and a cast, on Cliff sweatered shoulder, or just by herself with legal briefs in one hand and Theo's briefs in the other. Hmmm, mmmm... Sure, her name changed three times during the shows run, but hey - whose hasn't? Claire Hanks Huxtable, you could try my case ANYday!

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    Meredith Baxter-Birney

    Family Ties

    Yes, we discovered she's gay - not that there's anything wrong with that. Yes, Micheal J. Fox has Parkinson's Disease - but she really didn't give birth to him. Yes, Tina Yothers turned out to be a punk rock girl - but in 1985, any woman who could ever pretend to be in love with Michael Gross HAD to have something going on ;)

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    Joanna Kerns

    Growing Pains

    Growing Pains had all kinds of fun cast members in 1985. Kirk Cameron, now a star on the God TV (not making that up. There really IS a God TV. Look it up). His girlfriend on the show married him, had 11 kids with him, and that either makes HER a lucky woman, or puts her into Michelle Duggar territory. Tracey Gold... ewwww. Jeremy Harper... meh. The little girl with the red curly hair... meh. Boner... RIP. And now Alan Thicke is selling reverse mortgages on late night TV. And then there was Maggie. Joanna Kerns. She made a lot of us have "growing pains" back in the day - if ya know what I mean.

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    Vicki Lawrence

    Mama's Family

    Really, if I need to explain why Mama is hot, you need your eyes checked. That curly grey hair. The lifeless, shapeless dress, the high-pitched cackle and scream. The steely eyed stare into the camera. I needed to make lots of trips to the restroom on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights when "Mama's Family" was on in 1985. They tried to cancel it six times, but Mama's sexiness came through time and time again. America has spoken - and they have said "mmmmmmmMama!"