I told this story on the air Thursday.

Thursday was Take your Son or Daughter to Work Day.

My kids have been to the station a hundred times.

So, their school did Take Your Dad to School Day.

It was pretty cool. There was a Taco Bell breakfast (my love for the TB breakfast has been documented here).

Then, there were a couple of former pro football players that got up and talked about the grit and perseverance of being an athlete and a father. Pretty interesting. Then, we had about 10 minutes to go down and be in our kids' rooms.

I went to son's room first. He was working on a math assignment, and seemed a little annoyed that I was there. So, I told him I loved him and I went to go see my daughter. She, as well, was working on some sort of math assignment. So, I told her I'd let her get her work done and I loved her, and started to leave her room.

Just as I was leaving, I heard a little voice say: "I wish my dad would have come today"

As I walked into the hall, I stopped and leaned against the lockers. I almost started to cry. It was heartbreaking hearing that little boy say that. I felt great I was there for my kids, but horrible for that little boy.

I don't know if his dad is a deadbeat, or isn't even in the picture, or if he makes it to all of his son's events, but just couldn't make this one. Either way it broke my heart. And it made making it to my kids' things at school a big priority for me now, even more than ever.

steve frost/thinkstock