But NOT for good and NOT for the reason you would normally think. The owners of the popular Skywalk Deli were told they needed to find a new location. The new building owners have given the deli notice they need to be out of the Comerica Bank building on Monroe by the end of the year. That, to put it mildly, sucks!

From the story on mlive yesterday "Skywalk Deli closing; Owner says Comerica building owners want Panera Bread instead"
The owners have said they don't have anyone signed to replace the deli, but the speculation is a Panera Bread will be on the bottom floor of the building. Panera has locations throughout Grand Rapids and while it would add another interesting dining option downtown, not many people want to see a national chain replace a local business.

The Skywalk Deli owners say they will find another location. I know a place they could go...across the street to 50 Monroe 5th floor! There's enough people at Townsquare Media Grand Rapids that could support the place! Love those breakfast sammies!