Don't you hate it when people Google a criminal's name, and your photo pops up?

A man named Todd Keith was featured on a reality crime show that featured dash cam footage from police cruisers. The only problem was, when they showed a photo of the culprit on screen following the footage, it wasn't Todd Keith, instead it was a photo of a Wyoming man named Keith Todd, who was nowhere near the scene of the crime.

Last November, the MSNBC TV show "Caught On Camera: Dash Cam Diaries" had some great footage of a man named Todd Keith getting into an altercation with a man who had accused him a stealing his limo.

As police arrived, the footage showed Todd losing his shirt during a fight, running through a plate glass window at a McDonald's restaurant, returning to the limo, only to get Tasered by officers when he couldn't get the door opened.

Judging by that description, I'm sure the footage was highly entertaining, but not to the similarly named Keith Todd, who is a construction worker from Wyoming, MI.

When the program showed a close up of the perpetrator immediately after the crime footage, it was not Todd Keith, they showed, but Keith Todd, who says the ensuing confusion has made his life a little more miserable.

Last month Keith Todd filed a lawsuit asking for over $25,000 in damages from MSNBC's parent company, NBC Universal, and the Eastpointe Police Department for the mix up.  According to the Detroit Free Press, "public humiliation, crying spells, loss of employment income" and more are described in the complaint filed in Wayne County Circuit Court.

The confusion came when Eastpointe police officials searched the wrong name from online databases and gave the TV show his photo rather than the actual culprit. The TV producers failed to correct the mistake and aired the wrong photo.

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot of quality control,” said Jonathan Browning, the Grand Rapids lawyer representing Todd, told The Detroit Free Press. “Nobody bothered to take a close look and confirm it was the right person.”

The mix-up led to Todd receiving unwanted attention from by people on the street who had seen the show.