All those M's and S's! You can have your Game of Thrones and Walking Dead and all that. I love me some Joan! It's Mad Man! And it's back! For whatever season it is. The show I THINK is starting it's 6th season, even though it began like 9 years ago. I'll never get that.

And I'll be honest, I have missed a few shows along the way. Thanks to our friends at Screen Crush, they will catch you up!

"It’s the second installment in the ScreenCrush original video series “Everything You Need to Know in 60 Seconds,” where we give fans a quick crash course on any movie, TV show, actor or event in just 60 seconds. That’s barely the length of a Sterling-Cooper commercial! We kicked things off with the Oscar-nominated ‘Her,’ but let’s just say the busy boys and babes of ‘Mad Men’ had a bit more ample material to work with.
The series proper will return this Sunday (don’t worry, ‘Mad Men’ won’t really say goodbye until 2015), so check out everything you need to know about ‘Mad Men’ in 60 seconds, and let us know what you think! Is it great, Bob?